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  1.我跟你除了恋爱真没什么好谈的。 You and I have nothing to talk about but love.

  2.心本来就不大,别什么都装进去。对昨天纠结不放,是对今天和明天的亵渎。Don't put everything into the heart. Tostruggle with yesterday is to desecrate today and tomorrow.

  3.热水治不了百病,情话过不了一生。Hot water can not cure all diseases,lover's honeyed wordscan't live a life.

  4.青春本来就是,马不停蹄的相遇和错过。Youth is in itself, The horse never stops to meet andmiss.

  5.我拦不住要走的风,也抱不住整片天空。 I can't stop the wind, I can't hold the whole sky.

  6.没关系 这次也会熬过去的 像以往无数次那样。It doesn't matter, this time it will be the past, asmany times as before.

  7.我在想你,表面不露痕迹,心里不留余地。I'm thinking of you with the surface is not visible, butheart leave no room.

  8.明知道我是你的将就,却还是把你当成我的所有。I know that I am your compromise, but I still treatyou as my all.

  9.突如其来的委屈,连笑都带着僵硬。Sudden grievances, even with a stiff smile.

  10.没有忘记,只是放在心里不愿被提及。I didn't forget it, I just put it in my heart and didn'twant it to be mentioned.

  11.我们泪流满面,步步回头,可是只能向前走。We burst into tears, look back step by step, but canonly move forward.

  12.你是我最不想见到的人,却是我天天想念的人。You are the last person I want to see, but the one Imiss every day.

  13.如果没人护你周全,那就酷到没有软肋。If no one is protecting you,just be cool without softspot.

  14.命中注定的人,无论中间经过多少曲折,终会相遇。People in fate will eventually meet no matter therebeen many twists and turns.

  15.真诚待我,否则就请离我远点儿。Be real with me, or just leave me alone.

  16.差点以为你已经是我的了,可是最后我们却分手了。I almost thought you were mine, but in the end webroke up.

  17.世人谓我恋长安,其实只恋长安某。Without you however beautiful the city is,it is just null.

  18.他知道你舍不得离开,才肆无忌惮的伤害。He know you reluctant to leave the unscrupulous damage.

  19.总有一天 你会在我的世界里下落不明,我会在你的世界里音信全无 One day, you will be missing in myworld, and I will have no news in your world.

  20.比孤独更孤独的,是和错的人在一起。 Lonelier than loneliness is being with the wrong people.

  21.比起谈着充满欺骗的恋爱,单身反而更好。Being single is better than being in an unfaithfulrelationship.

  22.不要轻易付出真心,因为真心,离伤心最近。Don't pay your heart sincerely and easily, because itis close to the sad.

  23.他说的诺言当不了真,我许的情深等不了人。The promise he said could not be true.I can't wait forthe person with my deep feeling.

  24.我还守在原地,不为等你,只是等自己放弃。I still keep in place, not waiting for you, justwaiting to give up.

  25.我本无意爱你,如今忘不掉你。I have no intention to fall in love with you, but now Icannot kick you out of my memory.

  26.你是我的,我是你的,很简单很满足。It's so simple and satisfying that you belong to me and Ibelong to you.

  27.我爱你始于初见,止于终老。My love is kept for you from the first sight to the end oflife.


  1.尽管眼下十分艰难,可日后这段经历说不定就会开花结果。Hard as it is now, the experience may blossom andbear fruit in the future.

  2.心中有座城,城里住着疼。A city in my heart, and in the city lived the pain.

  3.舍不得丢掉残留的温度,却忘了伤疤还在痛。Reluctant to lose residual temperature, forgetting thescar is still in pain.

  4.坏的不够彻底,善良的不够纯粹,所以你才痛苦。You are not too bad nor be kind purely , so you aresuffering.

  5.有的人还不知名字,就已经成了心事。Some people still do not know the name, it has become aworry.

  6.走自己的路,做喜欢的事,爱喜欢的人,做自己的主人。Go your own way, do what you love,Love the one youlike and be your own master.

  7.当我们懂得幸福的时候,那是因为我们懂得了珍惜。When we understand happiness, it is because we knowhow to value.

  8.有些风景,一旦入眼入心,即便刹那,也是永恒。some scenery, once to see into the heart, even in themoment, is eternal.

  9.做不到所有人满意,也不怕全世界对我开枪。I can't get everyone satisfied, and I'm not afraid theworld will shoot me.

  10.任何东西只要足够迷惑你,就足以毁了你,心软是病,情深致命。If anything is enough to confuse you, it willbe enough to destroy you.

  11.时光会告诉我们,简单的喜欢最长远,懂你的人最温暖。 Time will tell you the love for the simplethings lasts long and the people loving you are the warmest.

  12.我在想你,表面不露痕迹,心里不留余地。I'm thinking of you with the surface is not visible,but heart leave no room.

  13.你是我喉咙里的刺,拔出来会痛,咽下去会死。You are a thorn in my throat,pull out willhurt,swallow will die.

  14.人这一辈子,遇见对你好的人比较容易,可遇见始终待你如初的人很难。All my life,It's easier to meet people whoare nice to you,It's hard to meet someone who's always been there for you.

  15.Keep your feet on the ground, but let your heart soar as high as a kite!脚踏实地,但是,心要像风筝一样飞得高!

  16.Don't make the choice if you dislike, once you make the decision, pleasehold on. 不喜欢就不要选择,选择了就要坚持。

  17.Time than people, it is fragile, it could not come back to disappoint.时光不比人,它脆弱,禁不起来来回回的辜负。

  18.万物想你不及我心念你,万物喜你不及我心悦你。All things think you less than my heart you, allthings happy you less than my heart joy you

  19.但愿有人看透你的逞强,给你一个最温暖的怀抱。 I wish someone could see your braveness,And giveyou the warmest embrace.

  20.那些不能杀死我们的,使我们更强大。That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

  21.This is the way I am. I treat well those who treat me well.我就是这么一个人,谁对我好我就对谁好。

  22.你要学会长大,一个人抵过千军万马。You must learn to grow up, and a man worth thousands uponthousands of horses and soldiers.

  23.Life is funny if you know how to laugh at it.若懂得笑看人生,生活其实很有趣。

  24.世界上最幸福的一件事就是当你拥抱一个你爱的人时他竟然把你抱得更紧。The happiest thing in the world is hehugs you more tightly than you do when you hug him.

  25.爱情本没有尽头,奈何现实终止了爱情。Love has no end, but the reality has ended love.

  26.你不用分清东南西北,只需要走向有我的方向。You don't have to pide all directions,you just needto go in my direction.

  27.我们绕了一圈才遇到,我比谁都更明白你的重要。We have experienced a lot to meet each other,So Iknow how important you are.

  28.所有幸运和巧合的事,要么是上天注定,要么是一个人偷偷的在努力。All lucky and coincidental things areeither doomed to be or someone is secretly working hard.


  1.Great minds have purpose, others have wishes.杰出的人有着目标,其他人只有愿望。

  2.Being single is better than being in an unfaithfulrelationship.比起谈着充满欺骗的恋爱,单身反而更好。

  3.Do what you say,say what you do. 做你说过的,说你能做的

  4.Zero in your target,and go for it. 从零开始,勇往直前!

  5.Never, never, never, never give up. 永远不要、不要、不要、不要放弃。

  6.There is only one me in this world. 在这个世界上,我是独一无二的

  7.When it has is lost, brave to give up. 当拥有已经是失去,就勇敢的放弃。

  8.Youth means limitless possibilities. 年轻就是无限的可能。

  9.Afraid you will not understand, but you do not learn todo.不怕你不懂不会,就怕你不学不干。

  10.Adversity adversity adversity adversity is the teacher's bittersweet.逆境磨练人逆境是老师逆境之苦可变甜。

  11.Time would heal almost all wounds. If your wounds have not been healed up,please wait for a short while.时间几乎会愈合所有伤口,如果你的伤口还没有愈合,请给时间一点时间!

  12.i know that my future is not just a dream. 我知道我的未来不是梦

  13.If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t leadanywhere.太容易的路,可能根本就不能带你去任何地方。

  14.Getting out of bed in winter is one of life’s hardestmission.冬天,将自己从被窝里掏出来,是人生最难的任务之一了。

  15.No matter how long the rain lasts, there will be a rainbow in the end. Nomatter how sad you may be, believe, that happiness iswaiting.不管雨下多久,最终彩虹总会出现。不管你有多难过,始终要相信,幸福就在不远处


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